Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey Don't Worry!! Be Happy!!Stay Jaunty!! :)

Worrying was never my sport.

Melancholy n I never shared a good rapport.

I kicked it, punched it, dribbled my way,

If ever it found its way

Into my life, which was pretty ok.

Then one day, it sneaked through the back-door.

The smashing of windows made me aware

Of the intruder who had found its way.

I could fight it anyhow but there was something more

It blackmailed me, strangled my loved ones and seeked entry in my core.

My lares and penates had been knocked sky-high.

With worry, I could do nothing but try.

Time went on and my worries multiplied henceforth.

There was nothing and noone around and all this I loathed.

Troubles grow bigger if you nurse them.

So why not taint them!

I sharpened my tool and glossed it more.

So it pricks it right into its core.

And gave my best smile everytime it attacked mine.

The dual would not cease,

Until one day tired and defeated, it left me pleased.

And I knew my smile had the power

If not to woo an urchin,

Then it’s enough to save happiness for a lifetime.

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P.P.S. Thanks Skywalker and Sukriti to give me a chance to write on their blog!:)


Skywalker said...

its great on your part to write something for this blog :)..dont worry be happy but what abt person who worries and still is happy???

and nice advertisement in PS ;) :P

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

awesome as always

Jaunty anima said...

@Skywalker:That's a Genius ;) :P

n well for the advertisement...:P
It's a loop basically..from my blog to yours and from yours to mine, what say?:D

@Vandi:Thanks yaar...kind of u to say that!:)

Skywalker said...

yeah saw that loop :):):)

zeevie said...

done truly like a lioness there ;)