Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Ramblings

It's 6 in the morning. Freezing cold. Standing beside the window, I take a look at the beautiful morning about to begin. The weather is foggy, quite contrary to the thoughts in my mind which are crystal clear. As I watch people walking on the lane, a train of thoughts begins. A few going for a morning walk, the religious ones going to the temple, a little kid holding the index finger of his grandfather who, without a halt, teaches him the dos and don’ts of his life and apart from all of them, I see a newspaper distributor cycling his way in the nippy weather doing his job almost everyday without a fail, while I watch them standing in my cozy room. And that makes me wonder that what it is that makes him do such a job. Why can’t he, just like me, sit in a cozy room, grab a steaming cup of hot coffee and watch the beautiful sunrise????

Isn't it the MONEY……yeah….it’s the force…oops…no…’s the greed or maybe let’s say it’s the need that makes them forget about the comfort. While we fight the world to move an inch out of that cozy bed, that man bravely fights the desire to spend a comfortable life in order to give a comfy life to his loved ones. He can’t even cherish his dream of spending quality time with his loved ones, the ones for whom he works like a machine!

I am so tired of watching such sad, morose faces around me that it makes me wonder if there is any one left in the world who works to derive pleasure, who is inspired from within to work because that makes him happy. There are enough of them already who work for profits, to fulfil their needs, who work for the sake of working, not because they are gaining anything but earning money. People are not contented with their lives. Their desires are unending. Nobody wants to follow his/her heart or seek his dreams. A new form of dreams called CORRUPT DEAMS has emerged these days which doesn’t need you to listen to your heart, to think about what you like but in fact use your brain, make titsy-bitsy calculations, weigh the pros and cons and if the results are profitable enough …den yes that’s the dream they follow. It’s a wild rat-race.

But I dream of a state where I see myself turning my dreams into reality, where we could follow our hearts without any restrictions, where we started our day thinking of the beautiful surprises that the day held within it, where we could do the things we liked the most like catching up on our old buddies, enjoying with little kids, play/watch our fav sport, completing the long pending activity, going thru the old albums and reminiscing the whole scene watching that photograph.
Wouldn't that be great? **sigh**

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey Don't Worry!! Be Happy!!Stay Jaunty!! :)

Worrying was never my sport.

Melancholy n I never shared a good rapport.

I kicked it, punched it, dribbled my way,

If ever it found its way

Into my life, which was pretty ok.

Then one day, it sneaked through the back-door.

The smashing of windows made me aware

Of the intruder who had found its way.

I could fight it anyhow but there was something more

It blackmailed me, strangled my loved ones and seeked entry in my core.

My lares and penates had been knocked sky-high.

With worry, I could do nothing but try.

Time went on and my worries multiplied henceforth.

There was nothing and noone around and all this I loathed.

Troubles grow bigger if you nurse them.

So why not taint them!

I sharpened my tool and glossed it more.

So it pricks it right into its core.

And gave my best smile everytime it attacked mine.

The dual would not cease,

Until one day tired and defeated, it left me pleased.

And I knew my smile had the power

If not to woo an urchin,

Then it’s enough to save happiness for a lifetime.

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P.P.S. Thanks Skywalker and Sukriti to give me a chance to write on their blog!:)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A day for my parents

Well me writing after a very long time. And i got no reason why i was not so much into blogging...had so many topics to write about and then i was confused about what to write and what not to.
Finally i forced my self to sit in front of this computer and do sum writing.

"To maintain a joyful family requires not only from parents but also from children. Even child has to learn parenting his/her parents :)"
-Pope John Paul II

In my family both my parents are working and for me special are the days when we all are having a holiday and we spend all day together.Two days ago, was one of those days..mum and dad were at home and me too was enjoying the 4 days of extended mass bunk from college. I got up at about 8 in the morning, freshened up and was ready to clear the unwanted decks from my room, my favorite pass time activity ;) just kidding.

I started doing my job...did i just wrote job? it was less of a work and more of roaming here and there. Then i had my breakfast...makki ki roti and a cup of tea....i know sarson ka saag is missing.Then again i was back to what i was doing, cleaning up my room...roaming here and there...Mum said " ki aaj ka din mujhe de de apna"...I didn't understood what mum wanted to say. She then said i want you to spend entire day with me. I waited for a moment and thought why not make it a day worth remembering for my parents.

Although i do cook but its never like that all the food is prepared by me in a day, so i decided that i am going to prepare food for today. I started by making a cup of tea for them and then for lunch i prepared maythi gobi. To cut the long story short i tried my best to make this day special for them and especially for my sweet mum. And at the end of all when dad said that dish prepared by me was the best he ever had i was really on top of this world and i would love it if i get another chance to make their day a special one very soon.

"In our journey, so many come across
But in life’s most hardest toss,
The only people who deserve a mention
Are the parents, god’s marvellous creation."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Salute to Our Heroes

It’s been long time since i have penned down something and I am still searching for a topic to write about, most of the topics that come to my mind are those related to friends and friendship. I don’t want to write on it right now. Today is “Vijay Diwas”, so this one goes for all our jawans who guard our borders so that we can be at our place feeling assured that we are being protected, or as they say “they give up their today so that we can have better tomorrow”.

I still remember the time when kargil conflict started, me and my friends were kind of excited when the news broke that Indians have started with air strikes of the positions captured by the Pakistani intruders. But after few days listening to the coverage of war on news channels I realized the real nature of the conflict, and then it was like that it is our pride and our country’s pride that is at stake. Someone has tried to capture “our land”. After the initial air strikes the real war started, the ground fighting in the tough terrain of Drass sector. With enemy occupying the higher ground it was always going to be difficult for our forces to recapture those points, it took us martyrdom of 527 army men (most of them in early twenties) and more than two months to get back our posts.

On 10th Vijay Diwas, the bofors gun is no longer pounding shells at our enemy but a chill runs through my spine thinking about that time, although we can’t bring back soldiers who died but we have taken steps so that such a strategical mistake on part of our government and armed forces doesn’t occur again.
I salute all those soldiers for their bravery and for their sacrifice. May god bless your families who lost their beloved sons for us. JAI HIND.

P.S: Do light a candle for all those martyrs of kargil war today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good 2 accept changes and move on....

There is always a point in our life when we feel that it is like a smooth river flowing all by itself. But have we ever wondered that it was not like this from the very beginning it must have carved its way like a river. It must have been born somewhere, been nurtured by someone, going though lot many ups and downs all alone by itself, creating the path of its journey all by itself. But creating that path was not that easy as it looks. It goes through different phases, and journey through each phase adds a new aspect to its outward appearance and it keeps on moving to reach were it is destined to.

And when I think about our lives it’s quite similar. We come in this world as a baby girl or baby boy, nurtured by our parents. When we go through joyous and bad times we definitely have few shoulders to rely on, which can be compared to many tributaries of the river. As a tributary increases the crescendo of the river in a same way our near and dear ones strengthen our will when we are crestfallen, by their advices and by showing their concern and care to us. The middle part of river can be compared to our lives in professional college and after that as a professional. Similar to the river becoming deeper and wider in this stage we also start to acquire depth of ideas and skills, there is constant increase in our knowledge and a certain level of maturity is also reached. And finally the last stage of river can be compared to last stage of our life the strength of river decreases and it attains the calmness that is associated with an old person. It leaves many distributaries and that can be taken as loss of relations at the end of life when we lose our dear ones.

Our lives are not that simple as it looks like. It’s all about a new change every second. And how quickly and easily u adapt to that change is important just like a river does. Without any questioning and giving a second thought why such a change? It adapts itself and moves on. River teaches us that obstacles in our life are their only to modify us in a better way. And each of these obstacles teaches us something for sure, a new aspect of life comes up, our minds are broadened.

That’s what we need to learn from it. That change plays a very important role in our making. Our life looks so smooth yet it is like a river comprising of different stages. And each stage has its own role to play with its own significance. Each stage teaches us something new, the lesson it holds in it to be read aloud to us. So that we can move forward in our lives and accept everything that comes up.

We need to accept changes because at one or the other point we wished for it. The situation that we are in was once desired by us and when we are there living it all of a sudden we don’t want to be there. But why? When you are living your dream it is simply you and your dream. Then you need not think about your past or your future. And never think that your dream has pushed you away from someone or you have missed on the other thing. Live the moment you once desired for your way so that you never regret later that you missed on something.

And when you live your life whole heartedly you will never have a moment to regret about. God bless.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kids are simply kids!!

A week back I visited Shri Raghunathji temple. A lot of people from different parts of our nation visit our city of temples just to visit holiest of the holy Shri Raghunathji Temple. They really surprise me that how one person is different from the other one be it their physical appearances or their expressions or their acts or their way of speaking or their costumes be it what so ever but everyone is different.

I love to observe people around me. As I did the auspicious viewing and took parikramas I sat there for few minutes to relax myself and watch kids who had come there with their parents. I saw this sweet kid with catty eyes. He passed me and I couldn’t stop smiling. He stopped there. He looked at me for few seconds and then he passed a smile. And believe me that was the most innocent and honest smile I have ever seen, not a touch of sagacity. I cud see that twinkle in his eyes. And writing this down reminds me of that smile. And the very next moment he got busy with some other kid. But he left a deep impression on my mind.

Back at home I thought how pure kids are. They are always natural, frivolous and not at all dogmatic. I like how they gel with anyone who is good to them, to the one from whom they get just a little of affection, they don’t keep grudges for anything, live for the moment. They may be angry with you at a moment and there is all possibility that they are laughing with you in the very next. Another quality which makes kids inviolable is that they are not at all diplomatic. As we grow older a little bit of diplomacy creeps into everyone. The reason for this which I think is that they learn whatever the elders teach them and the saddest part is that we adults are too diplomatic we always keep our needs, our relations upfront not bothering about other persons always looking for our profit. There is always something in back of the mind which prohibits us from doing things the correct way instead there are always questions that why should I do this if it causes me a lot of trouble. So although I said that kids are inviolable, incorruptible but still they are like clay and can be mended into the way we elders mend them.

To be true I always try to be true to myself and to my close friends, I hate it when someone tries to be diplomatic to me. I think in a relation as pure as friendship there should be no diplomacy. One should be true enough a friend to stand against you if you are wrong and to be with you shoulder by shoulder if you need their support. I know that whenever I’ll be wrong my best buddy will be the first person to contradict me or would me my biggest support in the other way around. Enough of these philosophies of mine I don’t want you people to get bored of reading my blog post so I’ll stop here.

After all this I thought about my childhood and how good it was. Although I remember it in a nebulous way and I enjoyed remembering those lovely peerless moments of my life.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why cant WE take an Initiative?

Lot many times we have heard people blaming one another for one or the other reason. We criticize people for the way they are, for their behavior, for their attitude. We crib for the situation we are in and put the blame on others for putting us in that situation. We never realize that we too were involved in that matter. We never blame ourselves for being in that place as we think that we are always right and the other person is wrong. But do we ever realize that out there, there are only two choices to be made. One is to choose the correct path and the other one is the wrong path. Landing in a messy situation means that out of the two one is right and the other one has to be wrong. And that is why we face this difficulty.

But do we have the courage to stand up and accept our fault? Accept that it was my mistake? Apologize to the other person? NO we never apologize as our big ego comes up and strikes us. But just think once if you go out and say a word "SORRY" which you mean from the bottom of your heart, in case you mean it, it may mean the world to the other person. And the person whom you could have lost forever will now be always there for you. And it is possible that you two could be best of buddies which you never had thought. I have myself experienced this when it happened with my di and I was the victim of it to some extent and it was a horrible feeling. She and her friend had some problems...about which I have no clue....they did not talk for two years but when they resolved their problem they were best buddy types...

But all this is not that simple as it sounds to be. We can’t take a stand for ourselves when required to and expect the other person to do so who may not be at fault. When you are at fault and are unable to put forward your thoughts then why the other person will say or do something. When you can’t do anything for yourself then please stop expecting from others.

And in case you have the guts to go out and speak out your mind, apologize to the other person then I bow to you. Because somewhere or the other we need to take an initiative. And the day we start accepting our mistakes and realize them, this world will become a beautiful place to live in where there will be no hard feeling against anyone and no grudges with anyone. I hope that in case I commit a mistake I will be able to go out and apologize.

God Bless everyone and keep spreading love And Happiness all around you.