Saturday, November 28, 2009

A day for my parents

Well me writing after a very long time. And i got no reason why i was not so much into blogging...had so many topics to write about and then i was confused about what to write and what not to.
Finally i forced my self to sit in front of this computer and do sum writing.

"To maintain a joyful family requires not only from parents but also from children. Even child has to learn parenting his/her parents :)"
-Pope John Paul II

In my family both my parents are working and for me special are the days when we all are having a holiday and we spend all day together.Two days ago, was one of those days..mum and dad were at home and me too was enjoying the 4 days of extended mass bunk from college. I got up at about 8 in the morning, freshened up and was ready to clear the unwanted decks from my room, my favorite pass time activity ;) just kidding.

I started doing my job...did i just wrote job? it was less of a work and more of roaming here and there. Then i had my breakfast...makki ki roti and a cup of tea....i know sarson ka saag is missing.Then again i was back to what i was doing, cleaning up my room...roaming here and there...Mum said " ki aaj ka din mujhe de de apna"...I didn't understood what mum wanted to say. She then said i want you to spend entire day with me. I waited for a moment and thought why not make it a day worth remembering for my parents.

Although i do cook but its never like that all the food is prepared by me in a day, so i decided that i am going to prepare food for today. I started by making a cup of tea for them and then for lunch i prepared maythi gobi. To cut the long story short i tried my best to make this day special for them and especially for my sweet mum. And at the end of all when dad said that dish prepared by me was the best he ever had i was really on top of this world and i would love it if i get another chance to make their day a special one very soon.

"In our journey, so many come across
But in life’s most hardest toss,
The only people who deserve a mention
Are the parents, god’s marvellous creation."