Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good 2 accept changes and move on....

There is always a point in our life when we feel that it is like a smooth river flowing all by itself. But have we ever wondered that it was not like this from the very beginning it must have carved its way like a river. It must have been born somewhere, been nurtured by someone, going though lot many ups and downs all alone by itself, creating the path of its journey all by itself. But creating that path was not that easy as it looks. It goes through different phases, and journey through each phase adds a new aspect to its outward appearance and it keeps on moving to reach were it is destined to.

And when I think about our lives it’s quite similar. We come in this world as a baby girl or baby boy, nurtured by our parents. When we go through joyous and bad times we definitely have few shoulders to rely on, which can be compared to many tributaries of the river. As a tributary increases the crescendo of the river in a same way our near and dear ones strengthen our will when we are crestfallen, by their advices and by showing their concern and care to us. The middle part of river can be compared to our lives in professional college and after that as a professional. Similar to the river becoming deeper and wider in this stage we also start to acquire depth of ideas and skills, there is constant increase in our knowledge and a certain level of maturity is also reached. And finally the last stage of river can be compared to last stage of our life the strength of river decreases and it attains the calmness that is associated with an old person. It leaves many distributaries and that can be taken as loss of relations at the end of life when we lose our dear ones.

Our lives are not that simple as it looks like. It’s all about a new change every second. And how quickly and easily u adapt to that change is important just like a river does. Without any questioning and giving a second thought why such a change? It adapts itself and moves on. River teaches us that obstacles in our life are their only to modify us in a better way. And each of these obstacles teaches us something for sure, a new aspect of life comes up, our minds are broadened.

That’s what we need to learn from it. That change plays a very important role in our making. Our life looks so smooth yet it is like a river comprising of different stages. And each stage has its own role to play with its own significance. Each stage teaches us something new, the lesson it holds in it to be read aloud to us. So that we can move forward in our lives and accept everything that comes up.

We need to accept changes because at one or the other point we wished for it. The situation that we are in was once desired by us and when we are there living it all of a sudden we don’t want to be there. But why? When you are living your dream it is simply you and your dream. Then you need not think about your past or your future. And never think that your dream has pushed you away from someone or you have missed on the other thing. Live the moment you once desired for your way so that you never regret later that you missed on something.

And when you live your life whole heartedly you will never have a moment to regret about. God bless.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kids are simply kids!!

A week back I visited Shri Raghunathji temple. A lot of people from different parts of our nation visit our city of temples just to visit holiest of the holy Shri Raghunathji Temple. They really surprise me that how one person is different from the other one be it their physical appearances or their expressions or their acts or their way of speaking or their costumes be it what so ever but everyone is different.

I love to observe people around me. As I did the auspicious viewing and took parikramas I sat there for few minutes to relax myself and watch kids who had come there with their parents. I saw this sweet kid with catty eyes. He passed me and I couldn’t stop smiling. He stopped there. He looked at me for few seconds and then he passed a smile. And believe me that was the most innocent and honest smile I have ever seen, not a touch of sagacity. I cud see that twinkle in his eyes. And writing this down reminds me of that smile. And the very next moment he got busy with some other kid. But he left a deep impression on my mind.

Back at home I thought how pure kids are. They are always natural, frivolous and not at all dogmatic. I like how they gel with anyone who is good to them, to the one from whom they get just a little of affection, they don’t keep grudges for anything, live for the moment. They may be angry with you at a moment and there is all possibility that they are laughing with you in the very next. Another quality which makes kids inviolable is that they are not at all diplomatic. As we grow older a little bit of diplomacy creeps into everyone. The reason for this which I think is that they learn whatever the elders teach them and the saddest part is that we adults are too diplomatic we always keep our needs, our relations upfront not bothering about other persons always looking for our profit. There is always something in back of the mind which prohibits us from doing things the correct way instead there are always questions that why should I do this if it causes me a lot of trouble. So although I said that kids are inviolable, incorruptible but still they are like clay and can be mended into the way we elders mend them.

To be true I always try to be true to myself and to my close friends, I hate it when someone tries to be diplomatic to me. I think in a relation as pure as friendship there should be no diplomacy. One should be true enough a friend to stand against you if you are wrong and to be with you shoulder by shoulder if you need their support. I know that whenever I’ll be wrong my best buddy will be the first person to contradict me or would me my biggest support in the other way around. Enough of these philosophies of mine I don’t want you people to get bored of reading my blog post so I’ll stop here.

After all this I thought about my childhood and how good it was. Although I remember it in a nebulous way and I enjoyed remembering those lovely peerless moments of my life.