Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Ramblings

It's 6 in the morning. Freezing cold. Standing beside the window, I take a look at the beautiful morning about to begin. The weather is foggy, quite contrary to the thoughts in my mind which are crystal clear. As I watch people walking on the lane, a train of thoughts begins. A few going for a morning walk, the religious ones going to the temple, a little kid holding the index finger of his grandfather who, without a halt, teaches him the dos and don’ts of his life and apart from all of them, I see a newspaper distributor cycling his way in the nippy weather doing his job almost everyday without a fail, while I watch them standing in my cozy room. And that makes me wonder that what it is that makes him do such a job. Why can’t he, just like me, sit in a cozy room, grab a steaming cup of hot coffee and watch the beautiful sunrise????

Isn't it the MONEY……yeah….it’s the force…oops…no…’s the greed or maybe let’s say it’s the need that makes them forget about the comfort. While we fight the world to move an inch out of that cozy bed, that man bravely fights the desire to spend a comfortable life in order to give a comfy life to his loved ones. He can’t even cherish his dream of spending quality time with his loved ones, the ones for whom he works like a machine!

I am so tired of watching such sad, morose faces around me that it makes me wonder if there is any one left in the world who works to derive pleasure, who is inspired from within to work because that makes him happy. There are enough of them already who work for profits, to fulfil their needs, who work for the sake of working, not because they are gaining anything but earning money. People are not contented with their lives. Their desires are unending. Nobody wants to follow his/her heart or seek his dreams. A new form of dreams called CORRUPT DEAMS has emerged these days which doesn’t need you to listen to your heart, to think about what you like but in fact use your brain, make titsy-bitsy calculations, weigh the pros and cons and if the results are profitable enough …den yes that’s the dream they follow. It’s a wild rat-race.

But I dream of a state where I see myself turning my dreams into reality, where we could follow our hearts without any restrictions, where we started our day thinking of the beautiful surprises that the day held within it, where we could do the things we liked the most like catching up on our old buddies, enjoying with little kids, play/watch our fav sport, completing the long pending activity, going thru the old albums and reminiscing the whole scene watching that photograph.
Wouldn't that be great? **sigh**


Skywalker said...

some serious stuff by your side..really nice kiddo....great going..hope to see more & frequent writings from your side

Rahil said...

Finally blogger sukriti warming up that too one week before final exams, welcome back !!

And we do generally get such random ramblings when we have subjects like Signals, CO& A, Data Structures to do study ;)

"But I dream of a state where I see myself turning my dreams into reality, where..., where...!!" - Luking fwd for the same dream in my life..

Jaunty anima said...

Kaafi acche ideas hain...Kaafi acchi tarah words me daale gaye hain...jisne kiya hai bahut hi behetreen writer hoga!!!!
Babe superb idea...superb post!!
Keep writing REGULARLY!!

PS: U know d danda nah???

Anonymous said...

Rather nice place you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

very deserving of appreciation. it was excellent!

Sukriti said...

@ Skywalker

and i too hope to write in regular basis..

Sukriti said...

@ Rahil

exam se one week pehle hi to bahut saare ideas dimag mein aate hain...

padhai ka kya hai woh toh hoti rehti hai...

Sukriti said...

@ Jaunty

abh writer kaun kaun hai yeh hum dono se behtar kaun jaan sakta hai :D

waise idea mera usse appreciate karne ke liye thanku...

PS: uhhhh..daar gai mein to :P

Skywalker said...

@ anonymous: it would be very nice on your part iof you could comment with ur original ID rather than commenting anonymously

JoHn said...

requiem for a return to innocence


Jaunty anima said...

Catch your awards Skywalker and sukriti!!:)

Offer valid for a few days..;)

Ecstatic Abhi said...

Resuming from where you left..
It would be really great if all this happens whatever you desire but one thing is restricting it. Its the concept of money, which inturn comes from competition which inturn comes from growing population..n so on. If you really want to see your dream coming to reality, u need to look for a bunch of friends whose sole motive in life is to enjoy and remain contented with little. In other words, you need to create an unreal world around you :)
Nice blog.. but a few things m still not able to understand--
==>Why were u up so early @6 in d morning??? :O
(just to wite this blog)?? :P
==>Ok leave that, y was that little kid up so early as kids love sleep.


Sukriti said...

@ Ecstatic Abhi

actually i didnt sleep dat entire nite.