Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Salute to Our Heroes

It’s been long time since i have penned down something and I am still searching for a topic to write about, most of the topics that come to my mind are those related to friends and friendship. I don’t want to write on it right now. Today is “Vijay Diwas”, so this one goes for all our jawans who guard our borders so that we can be at our place feeling assured that we are being protected, or as they say “they give up their today so that we can have better tomorrow”.

I still remember the time when kargil conflict started, me and my friends were kind of excited when the news broke that Indians have started with air strikes of the positions captured by the Pakistani intruders. But after few days listening to the coverage of war on news channels I realized the real nature of the conflict, and then it was like that it is our pride and our country’s pride that is at stake. Someone has tried to capture “our land”. After the initial air strikes the real war started, the ground fighting in the tough terrain of Drass sector. With enemy occupying the higher ground it was always going to be difficult for our forces to recapture those points, it took us martyrdom of 527 army men (most of them in early twenties) and more than two months to get back our posts.

On 10th Vijay Diwas, the bofors gun is no longer pounding shells at our enemy but a chill runs through my spine thinking about that time, although we can’t bring back soldiers who died but we have taken steps so that such a strategical mistake on part of our government and armed forces doesn’t occur again.
I salute all those soldiers for their bravery and for their sacrifice. May god bless your families who lost their beloved sons for us. JAI HIND.

P.S: Do light a candle for all those martyrs of kargil war today.


Rahil said...

Today mornin i just received an sms - "Celebrating 10yrs of kargil victory"It felt like..ahh..proud to be part of this country!

Then i watched Jai Jawaan on NDTV with Abhishek Bachaan as the guest!

And now i read "A Salute to our heroes"..who gave up their today so that we can have better tomorrow..

So my day so far is going a bit dedicated to such heroes..and wish each and every one out there "God Bless U"


Jaunty anima said...

Yeah good one....jai jawaan!!!
Stil remember so many of my friends dads were there fighting for their mothrland..n d atmosphere grew more tense wid each passing day wid each one of us praying for the safety of those brave soldiers!!
Today even aftr 10 yrs I can feel the trauma of those daughters n their mothers....
but I salute to all those valiant soldiers!!!jai jawaan!!

Skywalker said...

short and totally apt... :)

varuna raina said...

hey nice one...
keep bloging:)
and thanx 4 following my blog!!
god bless..